Why Calorie Counting Does Not Work

Do you spend time during your day counting how many calories you consume?

Back in the day I knew several people who would carry a small notepad with them and calorie count every food they ate! I know it sounds crazy and maybe a little OCD 🙂 but they were committed!

Today, we have apps on our Smart Phones that not only help us track our calorie intake but we can search a database or  scan a QR code to get the info uploaded right to our online daily journal. Thank goodness for technology but I am here to tell you why calorie counting does not work and the reasons behind my suggestion.

Now, I am not going to lie I have spent time tracking and calorie counting all the food I ate from time to time. Typically, I would do this at the beginning of the year when I am all pumped up about the New Year and a fresh start on my goals. But, you know what? It does not last very long because I get busy and lazy, and let’s face it who has time to do calorie counting on everything they eat day in day out. I know I don’t. However, after studying for my level 1 Precision Nutrition certification and seeing this infographic I am glad I no longer am counting my calories and worried about whether or not I met myh daily calorie intake.

As you read through the infograph you are going to learn 5 reasons why tracking the calories in your food is a flawed approach. For instance, did you know that calorie counts are imprecise. Or, everyone absorbs food differently. Those are just two of the reasons to show you that counting calories is a flawed approach. I encourage you to continue to read on and see for youself.

Now, I know I am not going to convince everyone that calorie counting is not a great way to help you lose weight but have an open mind and think about the 5 reasons why that are listed below. Listen, it just might save you some time and allow you to spend more time getting more movement or exercise in, which in my opinion is a better way to spend your time.

As always I encourage your thoughts and feedback so at the bottom of the page please share your thoughts and comments. I love a good debate and if you believe this is completely hogwash I want to know. Also, you can join the conversation in the Fit Over 40 Tribe community. 


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