What This Guy Found In His Wrap Will Make You Look Before You Eat. What The… UGH.

Steve Henderson is a normal, everyday kind of guy.  The kind of guy who when he and his friend are in a hurry, stops by his local Chop’t in Forest Hill for a wrap. He’s the kind of guy that notices when his friend takes a bite of said wrap before looking. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t necessarily expect or want to see a dead rodent in his friend’s wrap. But so it goes.

Henderson tweeted this picture of his friend’s wrap, which – according the picture – at least 5 people were like, “This is my favorite!”

The weird thing is that the Chop’t, which is located in the financial district at 80 Pine Street, has been awarded an A rating by the NYC health department last September.

So maybe the Pine Street Chop’t can incorporate the rat into its marketing campaign to beat the inspection this September?  I guess it worked for Chuck E Cheese?  How does “Dead E. Salmonella” sound? If your friends and family love dead animals and food, especially when they meet in a tortilla, give this a share on Facebook!

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