Breaking Habits That Drain Energy

Everyone has a few bad habits and let me tell you I have plenty myself. But some habits are worse than others, and can actually drain your energy. In a day and age when we are constantly on the go and always “on” we are self sabotage ourselves. So, it is time to take stock of some of the most common bad habits most of us are doing to sabotage our energy.  Let’s take a look at some of the bad habits that could be draining your energy.

Energy TriggersAlways saying “yes”

Do you always help a friend or coworker in need? Want to know a little secret? Everyone knows this, and they are taking advantage of you. Your own life and responsibilities are hard enough to handle. So when you consistently say yes to everyone else’s requests for help, you end up drained and frazzled. Learn to say no. Not only will it feel good, but you will experience a calming peace that revitalizes and energizes you.

Not exercising consistently

You know you should exercise, so why don’t you? Rocket science is not at work here. It is very easy to understand. When you physically stress your body, your bones and muscles become stronger. The stronger you are, the more energy you have. Get started today exercising on a consistent basis, 3 to 5 moderate to intense 20 minute sessions a week for starters. The rewards of consistent exercise are many, and plenty of energy is just one of them.

Not drinking lots of water and green tea, and drinking soda

When you are hydrated properly, your natural body systems work at the peak of efficiency. This helps oxygen travel efficiently through your body, and you are energized. So get lots of water in your diet, starting today. Also, green tea is a natural provider of energy. It tastes great and hydrates you while delivering healthy antioxidants. And green tea does not let you crash after your energy boost like unhealthy sodas and sugar-filled drinks, which you should avoid at all times.

A lack of the ‘B’ vitamins in your life

The 8 ‘B’ vitamins contained in most B complex supplements promote healthy oxygen delivery, red blood cell growth, proper digestion and a strong immune system. B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and Biotin are the wonderfully natural vitamins a B complex supplement delivers that virtually guarantee you have all the energy you need every day. Also, if you struggle with sleep B2 and B6 are great for helping you get more sleep at night

Too much sugar

You’ve probably heard this a million times before… but it’s worth repeating. Added sugars (like sucrose and high fructose corn syrup) contain a whole bunch of calories with NO essential nutrients. For this reason, they are called “empty” calories and although you may get a quick burst of energy after your sugar crash you are left sometimes more tired than before!

There are lots of bad habits that can sabotage your energy and maybe one or two of the ones listed above happen to be yours. If so, make it your goal to eliminate those bad habits from your daily routine and I promise you will begin to feel different and have more energy throughout the day.

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To your success,

Coach Dave

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