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What does it take to write a best-selling weight loss book? Well, it takes a lot of time, frustration, self-doubt and just pure grit to get it done! It was one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences I have had in my life. Let me tell you I never ever imagined that I would one day call myself and author. I always struggled in English and it was not my favorite subject. Subjects like Anatomy, Biology, Exercise Science were subjects I excelled in so what was I thinking when I decided to write a book? Well, I knew I had knowledge and information that needed to get out to people. Even if I only had one person pick up my book and something I said or suggested in there changed their life and put them on a better track of living healthy and being fit then my mission would be complete!

So with that, I am so happy to announce that “Fit Over 40 Challenge” is now a best-selling weight loss book on Amazon and I owe it all to you! Listen, my parents raised me not to brag and be humble, but when I found out that the book I just recently wrote, “Fit Over 40 Challenge; 6 weeks to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel 20 Years Younger” hit the Amazon Best Seller list I was shocked and stoked at the same time. How could I not share the good news! Just to be clear it is not a NY Times Best Seller or even on the same level as a Dr. Phil book but it still became a bestseller on Amazon! ¬†It actually hit #1 in the Exercise and Fitness for the Aging category. Pretty cool and I could not have done it without all the support I have had since launching the book by fellow readers and those of us in the club, yes the 40 and over club that is!

If you want to learn more about why I wrote it and who this book is for you can read the post I wrote on the recent book launch .

best selling weight loss book for people over 40

Here are some things you will learn from reading my book:

  • The story of how I hit rock bottom, and the simple change that transformed my health and happiness.
  • You’ll learn the exact strategies I used to get healthy, and how to incorporate them into your existing lifestyle.
  • You’ll get all the tools needed keep the momentum and begin to finally start seeing the results you have always wanted.Now, I know some of you reading this have not yet picked up the book but don’t worry I am going to give you a copy for Free! Yes, you heard me, I want to give you a copy for free. You, see if you have read my story or know why I am on this mission then you will understand that my goal is to change as many lives as I can and if by getting this book into your hands will help either you or someone you know change their lifestyle and finally put fitness and health first, then I will have lived out my purpose and can call the book a success.






To get your FREE copy ( just pay shipping and handling) you can go to the order form by clicking here.

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Coach Dave

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Are you tired of having no energy and being overweight? You know that as you get older things change, however, you still can be fit over 40! Learn how through implementing my simple strategies and systems.


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