Are the People Who You Hang Around Keeping You Fat

Hey everyone, this is Coach Dave and Happy New Year.

Now, I know it’s past the first of the year, but depending on when you first watch this video, it might be the first opportunity that I’ve had to wish you a happy new year. So regardless of when it is, it’s still a happy near year at this point. With that being said, I wanted to just shoot this quick video for you and in this video, I am going to talk to you about something I heard the other day when I was driving to work, as I listen to a lot of personal development when I’m in my car.

You may have heard of him, Darren Hardy, he is the author of the book “The Compound Effect.” But he also has the audio version to go with it. He was talking about associations, people that you associate yourself with, and you might have heard that you’re the average of the five people that you hang around with. There have been studies that have shown that 95% of your success in life deals with your reference group, the people that you associate with, the people that are around you the most.

So it’s really important to figure out who are those people that you’re hanging around with and to further the discussion, he talks about an interview he did with Cathy Ireland.

Now, you may be familiar with her, former swimsuit model, but also she set up a — created a $1B enterprise and he asked her what was the biggest success or what did you do to make that the biggest success and she said that she decided that she was going to figure out who are the anchors in her life and the engines.

She went on to describe that and essentially what she said was the anchors are the people that hold you back, they hold you down. They drain your energy, they keep you from achieving your goal. The engines are those that are going to drive you forward, those that are positive influences in your life. People that are also highly successful and motivated and ambitious. She would hang around more of those type of people.

It really just got me thinking about just in general and especially when it comes to your health and fitness, who are the anchors in your life. Who are the people that are holding you down, telling you that you can’t do that, you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and you can’t do that. Or who are the engines, who are the ones that are like you know what, I love it, go for it, I know you can do it, you can be successful this time, and they are cheering you on and they are trying to get you towards your goal.

If you are looking for some group or some people that are engines, if you need those people in your life and you’re not around them, I want to encourage you to join the Facebook group that I’ve created. It’s a community that has a bunch of engines, people that are looking to help people. It’s all about health and fitness. I encourage you to check it out, join it, it’s free. Start hanging around with some engines in your life. With that being said, this is Coach Dave signing off. Make it a great day and make it a great year.

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In health,

Coach Dave


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