6 Reasons I am Thankful to be Fit Over 40

Over the last few days, I have seen several friends post on social media what they are thankful for. They have decided to use the entire month of November to list at least one thing they are thankful for every day. It is called the gratitude challenge! I keep telling myself that I need to join the challenge but I have put it off and now I am 6 days behind. So, this got me thinking about the “gratitude challenge” and how it is similar to the “Fit Over 40 Challenge.”How is similar you ask? Well, I continuously talk about how every day you need to try and get just a little better than you were yesterday and if you happen to fall off the wagon get back up and start the next day. with that being said, I have decided to write 6 things I am grateful for and relate it to being fit over 40.

1.) I am thankful for the ability to work out and keep myself fit. I know there are reasons that some people are not able to workout at the levels and intensities I do, which makes it more difficult to lose weight and stay fit, so being able to workout hard is a blessing.

2.) I am thankful I do not need to take medication on a daily basis. One of my goals in life is to not have to take a prescription medication on a daily basis. Due to family history, like my father, who had high blood pressure and heart disease I know I am going to be fighting an uphill battle.

3.) I am thankful for living in a time period where food is plentiful and choices to eat clean are up to us. There are many people across the world who don’t have access to the abundance amount of food we have here in the United States.

4.) I am thankful for technology and the fitness equipment I have all around me. With the advancement of technology as well as the abundance amount of equipment I have access to it makes it much easier for me to be fit. The technology side allows me to monitor the effort I am putting out when working out, and the having equipment at my house as well as access to it at the fitness studio I work out leaves me little excuse to get a workout in.

5.) I am thankful for my wife who values health and fitness. Having your partner or someone who you are close with value health and fitness is extremely important and beneficial. I have seen over the years clients who have spouses or partners who don’t value health and fitness, which makes it tough for them to get the support they need to stay fit and stay motivated.

6.) I am thankful that I am a fitness and nutrition coach. For one, being a coach allows me to help others but before I can do that I have to help myself. I have written and stated before that I have my own struggles with weight and health due to my genetics, but since I believe I have to practice what I preach and live out what I say being a coach puts that extra pressure on me to do the things that will keep me fit!

What are you thankful for when it comes to your health and fitness? If you have never taken the time to be grateful for things in your life take a few minutes every day and write down what you are grateful for. I can tell you that writing this and thinking about what I am grateful for in regards to my health made me feel good and motivated to keep striving to stay fit! Let me know what you are grateful for by joining the conversation in the Facebook Group.

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In health,

Coach Dave

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