{Podcast} Day 1 of the 6 Days to a Stronger Core Challenge

In this episode of the “Fit Over 40 Challenge Show” I am excited to present to you my very first challenge for you. Today I introduce to you the “6 Days to a Stronger Core Challenge.”

6 Day Core ChallengeI know that with technology and the cultural we live in we have become more prone to sit for long periods of time. Over the years I have had many clients complain to me about back pain and stiffness. One reason is their core is weak. Also, I have had many people come to me asking me how they can get lean and get that “6 pack” ab look. When I tell them it requires doing more than just a ton of ab exercise they are perplexed. 

Having a strong core is a two part strategy and in this challenge you will learn what to do to get you started on a stronger and leaner mid section.

For the next six days I will present each day’s challenge to you through this podcast but if you would like to get the challenge in written form you can get the link ( in the comments section below) to have it emailed daily to you!

I am looking forward to hearing about the results you get from starting this challenge.

If you would like to get the digital version of the challenge you can fill in the info below and you will get it sent to you over the next 6 days!

Committed to your success,

Coach Dave

Join the Challenge and Get Fit!

Are you tired of having no energy and being overweight? You know that as you get older things change, however, you still can be fit over 40! Learn how through implementing my simple strategies and systems.


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