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 What Fit Over 40 Challenge Is All About

When people ask me what I do for a living. I tell them:

“I help people get fit and transform their lives!” 

But what I really want to say is: 

” I use my super power of motivation to make losing weight simple and add an element of fun to it!” 

And what I really want to say is: 

I am an crazy Florida Gator fan, who loves sports, gets a little loud coaching my daughter’s soccer teams, and loves using the Internet to write, shoot videos, and coach clients through my online programs!

I am David McGarry and I just recently turned 40 years old. I am not drowning in sorrow because I am now 40 but rather energized and in better shape now than in my 30’s!

One of the biggest reasons and my “WHY” for wanting to get in the best shape of my life is because at the young age of 67 my father died of a massive heart attack. Being in the health and fitness industry I get guilty I couldn’t do anything to change his habits and his lifestyle. But more than that  he never got to meet his granddaughters, which bothers me to this day. So, I have made it my goal, God willing, to make sure I am fit and in shape when and if my daughters have children so I can be there to see them!

For the past 2 decades I have been helping people of all ages get fit but this site is reflective of my journey in staying fit in my 40’s. Getting older does not have to be a burden and if you are not currently in the best shape of your life it is not too late. So, I hope to help inspire and educate you on how to manage and create a healthy life in your 4th decade of life and beyond.

If you got to know more, read on. ( I will pretend you’re Barbara Walters and I will spill all my secrets :)

  1. I love Disney and Disney movies! Some of my favorite are “Remember the Titans,” “Secretariat,” “Lion King,” and “Toy Story” to name a few!
  2. I am half Italian and half Irish so not sure what you call me but I can tell you I love Italian food and have the gift of gab!
  3. I can’t whistle! I know my kids make fun of me :(
  4. I absolutely love sports. I feel it has molded me into who I am!
  5. I have a man crush on Tim Tebow!
  6. I did a 6 hour “skin ski trip” in CO and although I may be being overdramatic I thought I was going to die at the top of the mountain when I finished!
  7. I wanted to be a Navy Seal then realized I was not tough enough to make it through!
  8. If I could do anything I would be a High School Varsity Football Coach
  9. I try to sing but am really horrible at.
  10. As a kid I was a melting pot. I liked to play sports, listen to hard rock and surf on the weekends.


Fit over 40

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In health,

David McGarry
Founder of Fit Over 40 Challenge


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