The Number One Reason You are Not Losing Weight

Are you still spending long hours doing cardio and not losing weight?

If so, I have a feeling that you may be struggling wit your weight loss. Listen, don’t beat yourself up over it. For decades now we have been preaching that you need to be doing 30-45 of cardiovascular exercise and so with that statement came the birth of the stair master and elliptical.

I can remember when I first started working out in the gym I would see people with their book or magazine just stepping up and down for 45 minutes and not really sweating all that much! I can tell you I absolutely hated getting on the stair master but I along with the rest of the herd did what I needed to do to mark off the list that I did cardio.

Shoot to be honest it wasn’t until I started teaching and taking Spin classes that I changed up my long boring cardio session.

So, if long boring isn’t the answer then what is? Well in this video I reveal the answer and the answer could set you on a new course to being fit and finally losing the weight that you so desperately want to do!

Here is the link to the video directly

In health,

Coach Dave

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