Learn How a Busy Entrepreneur and Dad of 2 Makes Fitness a Priority [Podcast]

Brian Horn's Transformation In this podcast episode I had the honor of interviewing Brian Horn.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur, a husband, and a father to two kids. He is extremely busy running his company and being a great dad and husband. However, Brian realized he was going about his fitness routine all wrong and hired a coach. In just a short time (12 weeks) he started to see a drastic change in his body.He shares his transformation story with us and his big “why” behind why he makes fitness a priority.

Also, he shares some really cool tips on how he schedules his day plus how he handles cravings and cheat meals. Finally, I think you will like his quick workout tip that will save you from doing long hours of boring cardio.

Join the Challenge and Get Fit!

Are you tired of having no energy and being overweight? You know that as you get older things change, however, you still can be fit over 40! Learn how through implementing my simple strategies and systems.


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