Law of Fat Loss #2

Welcome to day two of the 21 Laws of Fat Loss. In yesterday’s post I introduced you to the first law. I hope you took action and set up some SMART goals. If not, go back and read about Fat Loss Law 1 “You Must Have Crystal Clear Goals” and then post it in the Free Facebook Group (

Now, let’s introduce you to today’s fat loss law.

Fat Loss Law #2 How You Do The Exercise (form) Is More Important Than What Exercise

You Are Doing

Is it possible to burn fat while doing an exercise incorrectly?Fat Loss Law

Yes, absolutely. But what you risk by not taking the time to learn good form is a sidelining injury.

Besides not getting results, the 2nd most common reason people quit their fitness program’s is they suffer an injury that requires them to stop working out.

And when an injury like this occurs, most people’s healthy eating regimen also goes out the window.

So what’s the best way to learn good form and avoid debilitating injuries?

Getting the right help.

Working with a skilled fitness professional will not only ensure you develop great form when exercising, they’ll also prescribe the best workout routine to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

If you’ve never worked with a fitness professional before, don’t worry, most have packages to meet your needs and budget.

You wouldn’t try doing your own dental work to avoid the cost would you?

Of course not, so don’t put your body at risk if you know you need the help.

Just fill out the form below and I will jump on a quick coaching call to see how I may assist you.

Now that we have fat loss #2 out of the way we can move to the next law, which has been proven to be one of the most important components to losing weight. And, it is something you can easily do.

In health,

Coach Dave

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