How one dad makes healthy lunches for his kids even more exciting than junk food [9 pics]

Part of the difficulty with getting kids to eat healthy food is that the packaging for the unhealthy food just looks so fun! Beau Coffron decided to combat this by making his kids healthy lunches that look just as interesting as junk food.

At Lunchbox Dad he documents these creative lunches and provides instructions to make them yourselves.

Here are just a few of the imaginative meals he’s created…

Lunch Box Fun 9

Lunch Box Fun 1


Lunch Box Fun 2

Lunch Box Fun 3

Lunch Box Fun 4

Lunch Box Fun 5

Lunch Box Fun 6

Lunch Box Fun 7

Lunch Box Fun 8

(via Visual News)

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Kay A. Ess - May 11, 2015

And then the kid shoves the lunchbox in his backpack and scrambles everything. Also, why is he preaching to his kid via lunch? Take a stand to free child slaves. It is an admirable sentiment. Modern day slavery is no less horrific than slavery in history. However, what’s the purpose of sending your child to school with a bento box that carries an anti-slavery message?

Kristina - May 13, 2015

If you read the blog, his daughter (9 years old) learned about Make a Stand and wanted to do that for the Bento lunch. http://www.lunchboxdad.com/2014/04/my-daughter-wanted-to-makeastand-for.html

Doyouknowwhoiam - May 14, 2015

This parent.. is either has a food related career.. or just has too much time.. idk how they can do that.. but I know that I gotz no time for that.


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