Fit Over 40 Challenge Podcast Episode I [Why I Created This Podcast]

Can the power of words really change someone’s life? About a year ago I saw a post on Facebook from a person who helps authors write books and she said her motto is ” Words Change Lives.” That simple mantra got me thinking about how can I continue to have a bigger impact on people’s lives in regards to their health and fitness. Sure, I have this blog where I post content and share valuable tips, strategies and other helpful ways to help people with their fitness, but I know not everyone likes to consume their content by reading.

Now for me personally I like to read but also when I am traveling in my car I like to listen to inspiration and educational podcasts. So, I don’t know why it took me so long to finally decide to create my own podcast but I can finally say it is here.

If you are someone who likes to listen to audio and consume content on the go I have created this podcast for you. You will see initially it is just me providing tips and strategies but as the show grows I plan on building it around your wants and needs.

This leads me to asking you for a favor.

First can you click on the link to iTunes and Subscribe to the show.

Second, if you liked what you heard please leave me a review. This will help boost the show and help me reach more people in need of it!

Finally, as I mentioned I want you to help me determine what to present on the show. Let me know what topics and what kind of professionals you want me to interview by commenting in the comment section below.

I appreciate your support and help!

In health,

Coach Dave

Join the Challenge and Get Fit!

Are you tired of having no energy and being overweight? You know that as you get older things change, however, you still can be fit over 40! Learn how through implementing my simple strategies and systems.


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