[Podcast episode #10] Fat Loss For Busy Parents

In this episode of the Fit Over 40 Challenge I had the privilege of interviewing Andrew Beatty with Andrew Beatty Fitness and the creator of “Fat Loss For Busy Parents.”

You will learn that Andrew was not always in great shape. Plus, he originally didn’t plan on getting into the fitness industry and helping others when he first started out.

Fat Loss For Busy Parents He shares some really good simple strategies for parents who are super busy and have a hard time finding the time to make fitness a priority.

He seems to not mention he goes out to the pub and has what they call in Ireland “The Black Stuff” but I pull it out him.

I know you are going to love this episode so check it out.

Also, he has a program for busy parents if you are interested in checking it out. You can go to the link here www.fatlossforbusyparents.comĀ 

Let me know in the comment section below what you thought about the show.

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Coach Dave

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