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{Podcast} Do you still want to reach your Fitness Goals by the end of the year? Listen Now

21 reasons to Listen to This Podcast

Have you reached your fitness goals for 2016? If not, and you are still looking to reach those goals that you set back in January? If so, then this show episode is for you. In it I talk about how this is the best time of year to:

– Reflect

– Take Inventory

– Set or Re-Set Goals

– Plan

After you listen to this short podcast you will have reflected back on the first half of the year and also developed a plan of attack to reach those goals you set for yourself back in January by the end of 2016!

I take each one and break them down individually and give you my new way of setting goals that is different than the most traditional way we usually set goals!

If I can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to reach out and email me or call me!

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Coach Dave

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Learn How a Busy Entrepreneur and Dad of 2 Makes Fitness a Priority [Podcast]

Brian Horn's Transformation

Brian Horn's Transformation In this podcast episode I had the honor of interviewing Brian Horn.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur, a husband, and a father to two kids. He is extremely busy running his company and being a great dad and husband. However, Brian realized he was going about his fitness routine all wrong and hired a coach. In just a short time (12 weeks) he started to see a drastic change in his body.He shares his transformation story with us and his big “why” behind why he makes fitness a priority.

Also, he shares some really cool tips on how he schedules his day plus how he handles cravings and cheat meals. Finally, I think you will like his quick workout tip that will save you from doing long hours of boring cardio.

Super Easy Gluten Free Paleo Meals [Podcast]

Easy Gluten Free Paleo Meal Plans

In this episode of the Fit Over 40 Challenge I had the opportunity to interview Allison Stevens from

Easy Gluten Free Paleo Meal PlansAllison’s shares with us her story and ultimately how she started her person chef business and the meal prep business.

Also, she shares with her some reasons why she makes fitness important and her daily fitness routine.



Allison was also kind to give the listeners of this show a special gift. If you are interested in getting two FREE weeks of her meal prep service you can go to  . Use special code FITOVER40

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[Podcast] Can you Drink Red Wine and Still Lose Weight with Art McDermott

Can you Drink Red Wine and Still Lose Weight?

Ok, I know this podcast episode is going to get a lot of downloads because one of the most common questions I always get with clients happens to center around whether or not they can still have a glass or two of wine while on their weight loss challenge.

Art-Mcdermott-The-Red-DietArt McDermott is the founder of the “Boomer Blueprint” and the recent author of ” The Red Wine Diet.”

You may be shocked to hear what he has to say. Also, we talk about other myths when it comes to dieting and losing weight.

Art opens up about his reason “Why” he makes fitness a priority in his life and gives some simple tips on how to make changes to your routine that will give you the biggest back for your buck .

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[Podcast] 4 Areas of Wellness You Need to Focus On

4 Areas of Wellness You Need to Focus On

In this episode of the Fit Over 40 Challenge Show I had the opportunity to interview Esther Littlefield with the ” Wellness Mom Life.”

Wellness Mom Life

We talk about the 4 areas of wellness that you need to focus on in order to take your health and fitness to the next level.

Esther gives several tips that you can implement right away for each area of wellness.





If you would like to learn more about her you can visit her blog at

She has a ton of great info and resources to help you get complete in all areas of wellness!

What are of wellness do you need to focus on? ( leave comment below)

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[Podcast episode #10] Fat Loss For Busy Parents

In this episode of the Fit Over 40 Challenge I had the privilege of interviewing Andrew Beatty with Andrew Beatty Fitness and the creator of “Fat Loss For Busy Parents.”

You will learn that Andrew was not always in great shape. Plus, he originally didn’t plan on getting into the fitness industry and helping others when he first started out.

Fat Loss For Busy Parents He shares some really good simple strategies for parents who are super busy and have a hard time finding the time to make fitness a priority.

He seems to not mention he goes out to the pub and has what they call in Ireland “The Black Stuff” but I pull it out him.

I know you are going to love this episode so check it out.

Also, he has a program for busy parents if you are interested in checking it out. You can go to the link here 

Let me know in the comment section below what you thought about the show.

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From Couch To Spartan Race – Fit Over 40 Challenge Podcast Episode #9

Eat Real and Move

In this episode of the Fit Over 40 Challenge Show I had the pleasure of speaking with a very good friend and long term colleague of mine Morris Brossette!

Eat Real and MoveMorris is an expert in adventure training/ obstacle course training as well as a leading expert with sports nutrition.

We talk about several different topics but the story about his sister going from couch to Spartan Race is really cool and inspiring.



You can find out more about Morris at

Fit Over 40 Challenge Podcast Episode #6 [Please Decide It is Only Your Life]

Health and Fitness Show

In this episode of Fit Over 40 Challenge Show I need you to decide as this pertains to your life.

I know that might make you feel a little uncomfortable but this is about you and in this episode I reveal to you what I am talking about.

Enjoy the show and as always I would love for you to leave me a comment or if I can be of any assistance please let me know.

In health,

Coach Dave


Fit Over 40 Challenge Podcast Episode #5 [15 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism]

Health and Fitness Show

Fit Over 40 Challenge Show episode #5 ” 15 Tips to Speed up Your Metabolism.”

In this episode you are going to learn 15 simple tips that can speed up your metabolism and help you lose that last 10-15 pounds you are so desperately wanting to get rid of!

As always if there is anything I can do to assist you please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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