5 Benefits to Doing Home Fitness Workouts

With technology and the explosion of workouts that are available to you in the convenience of your home, I thought I would just take a quick moment and write up this blog post for you and give you just a five benefits to actually doing workouts at home.Home Fitness Workouts

1. Convenience – one of the biggest excuses that I have heard people make as a trainer, I just don’t have time to get to the gym. Let’s face it, sometimes, you know, you got to drive, maybe let’s say five, seven miles. It’s not maybe in the direction or the way home from work for you. You get caught up with other things, kids, events, meetings, other outside activities, and it’s just not convenient to get to the gym and with the at home workouts, you can do them right at your house. I mean, the technology has made it to where you can just stream it on demand, so you don’t even need to have a dvd player. All you need to have is your smart phone or an iPad or an Apple TV or something that can play right there on your TV. So you can actually do the workout at your house. You can do it when you first thing you wake up, in the morning before kids get up, you can do it at night after everybody goes to bed, you can do it in the middle of the day if you’re a stay at home mom and the kids are at school. So there’s lot of ways that it’s convenient and convenience is a big factor when people have problems getting to the gym.

2. Self-confidence – Now, I have spent almost two decades in the gym and I know that there are a lot of people that just don’t feel confident about the gym. As a manager, I’ve also studied a lot in terms of designing facilities and one of the things that they talked about was that gyms that have a lot of mirrors, make it really hard for people to have self-confidence to want to work out there because, whether it be their image or, they just don’t feel great about themselves as it is, so why put all those mirrors in there. Self-confidence is a big factor, and when you’re working out at home, you don’t have to worry about that. Everything is in the privacy of your own home, nobody’s going to see you except for yourself and so that’s a really big benefit right there, self-confidence.

3.) Savings  – Now, a typical gym membership — and there’s obviously low-cost gym memberships that might cost you $10 a month — but usually typically those have high volume, so there’s a lot of people there and again it is attracting a different crowd. But when you talk about at-home work outs, the initial cost upfront may be $60, $80, $100 depending on the program. There’s actually even programs now that on-demand you can get it for like $2 a day, so you’re going to ultimately save money. Even think about the cost of gas and driving, and maybe even cost of using child care at a facility if you have to pay. There is a definite savings when it comes to doing at-home work outs. The other aspect is, is that you’re getting a personal trainer and depending on which program you’re using a very highly qualified trainer that’s doing the work out and then obviously you’re following along. You’re saving in terms of having to pay any additional costs to have a personal trainer out there on a one-on-one basis with you at the gym, so savings is number three.

4.) Built-in child care -and that’s kind of what I was just initially talking about within terms of savings is, is that there are some gyms that don’t even provide child care, so if you have kids what do you do with them? That’s another reason that I’ve always heard that people have a hard time working out and getting to a gym, is that either one, they don’t have child care at the gym or two, they can’t ever get the kids in, because there’s so many other families that are utilizing it that that prohibits them from getting there. When you’re doing your work out at home, again you could do it before the kids even wake up, you can do it if the kids are at school and you’re at home, or after school. The kids don’t have to be anywhere but at the house in the room. Get them set up on something so that you get 30 minutes to an hour to yourself.

5.) Results – what I mean by that is, is that you can get the exact same results doing at-home work outs that you can going to the gym. It’s a misnomer to think that just because the gym has so many different exercise equipment and classes that you’re going to get more benefit by going to a gym as opposed to working out at home. The work outs that typically are designed for the at-home work out is ones that are going to get your heart rate up, they’re going to get you into what’s called epoch, that after-burn where you’re burning calories 24 to 36 hours after the work out. You’re going to get the same results. You don’t have to worry about not getting results just because you don’t have all the big fancy equipment and the classes. Finally, you’re also getting a personal trainer, you’re getting a one-on-one personal training session by that personal trainer in that home work out.

So as you can see there are several key benefits to doing At Home Workouts that can save you time and money while getting you the same results or maybe even better ones than you would get by going to the gym. If you would like to get our 7 At Home Workouts you can click the link here or fill out the form below this post!


In health,

Coach Dave

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