4 Holiday Fitness Tips to Keep You From Gaining Weight

So, all of the Christmas lights are strong. Decorations are out. Holiday parties are in full swing and you are freaking out because all of that hard work that you put into your work-out routine throughout the entire year, trying to stay fit and in shape, is now in jeopardy! Don’t worry though, I’ve got 4 holiday tips for you that can help get you through the holidays and into the new year without sacrificing any real fun and sacrificing all of the hard work that you did. Greet-With-Happy-Holiday-

1. Eat before you go – The biggest thing that I have seen with clients and even myself is when you go to a party and you’re starving, you have a tendency to eat more than you would if you went there full. So, eat before you go.

2. Drink indeed –  No, I don’t mean drink alcohol when you’re there, although if you feel like partaking in a glass of wine or a drink, go right ahead, but drink water. Stay hydrated. If you continue to drink water while you’re at the party, it’s going to help fill you up, which is also going to stop you from eating more and drinking other alcoholic drinks. So, drink indeed.

3. Work out – I know how challenging sometimes it might get during the holidays with everything going on between the work events, the kids’ stuff, you name it, but fit your workouts in even if it’s only a 30-minute workout. Get as much exercise throughout the holidays as you possibly can. It might not be your normal routine, but get as much as you can.

4. De-stress – Holidays cause a lot of stress with a lot of people for all different reasons. I mean sometimes the holidays can bring out the worst in us, but you need to take time to De-stress. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy your time. Don’t get caught up with all of the bustle and the hustle and not realize what the season is all about. It’s all about being together and the being family and depending on your religious affiliations. De-stress. Enjoy yourself.

Bonus Tip. prepare for 2018– The reason why I say prepare for 2018  is because if you start thinking now about your goals for 2018, as opposed in a few weeks you will put your self into a frame e of mind that will make you conscious of your actions during the holidays and hopefully avoid over indulging. It will hopefully make you take action on the 4 tips above and keep you disciplined. So, don’t wait until the clock hits Midnight on December 31st to start planning your 2016 fitness goals. Do it today and this tip alone can be the difference in you not ruining all the hard work you did the past 11 months.

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