20 Awesome Fruits You’ve Never Even Heard Of

1. Grenadia

Similar to passion fruit, it has seeds covered in a gelatinous, yummy pulp.
Source: Quora

2. Melons of Uzbekistan

Although they vary in flavor, one thing is for certain, and that is that this firm, fleshy melon is one of the best varieties in the world.
Source: Quora

3. Mangosteen

The white, pulpy part of the fruit is what you eat. It is slightly tangy, slightly sweet, and super cool looking.
Source: Quora

4. Sweetsop, sometimes known as Custard Apple or Sugar Apple

This tastes like custard. CUSTARD.
Source: Quora

5. Palmyra Fruit

Similar to a lychee, but way bigger and with no pit. Sign me up!
Source: Quora

6. Jackfruit

Like a cross between a mango, banana, apple, pineapple, and a hedgehog.
Source: Quora

7. Spanish Lime

Although it looks like a lime and tastes like a lime, it is not a lime. It is more lychee-like (it seems everything is lychee-like). And to boot, it’s also not Spanish, as it comes from Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.
Source: Quora

8. Noni Fruit

Known for its foul smell and nasty taste, it is usually used for medicinal purposes in various forms.
Source: Quora

9. Ackee

This is the national fruit of Jamaica and also part of it’s national dish, ackee and codfish. It is to be eaten cooked, as the unripe raw form contains hypoglycin, which is a poison.
Source: Quora

10. Lakoocha

This stringy-fleshed fruit is similar in taste to a kiwi, mixed with the muskiness of a breadfruit.
Source: Quora

11. Wood Apple

Anyone interested in a mushy, fermented raisin-tasting fruit?
Source: Quora

12. Buddha’s Hand

This is a citron, thus unlike it’s orange and lemon cousins, it has no pulp. The fact that it is basically all rind makes it great for zesting and making marmalades. Oh, and scaring the crap out of small children.
Source: Quora

13. Hala Fruit

Each little section or leaf is called a “key,” which contains flavorful seeds. Unfortunately, keys are very tough, making them much better as part of lei wreaths.
Source: Quora

14. Jabuticaba

Yes, they grow on the side of a tree like little fruit barnacles, but don’t hold that against them. Pop one in your mouth, squeeze out the inner grape-like flesh and spit out the skin and seeds.
Source: Quora

15. Star Apple, sometimes known as Breast Milk Fruit

Just squeeze it, slurp the juice, then eat the inner flesh (not the skin or the rind, though).
Source: Quora

16. Snake Fruit

The white flesh has the consistency of peeled garlic cloves, with a sweet and acidic taste. It also looks creepy as hell.
Source: Quora

17. Longan, sometimes known as Dragon Eye

Another lychee-like fruit. I’m beginning to think “tastes like lychee” is the “tastes like chicken” of the fruit world.
Source: Quora

18. Sapodilla, sometimes known as Chico Fruit

The flesh is pear-like in consistency with a malty taste and a tannic, mouth-drying quality.
Source: Quora

19. Feijoa, sometimes known as Guavasteen or Pineapple Guava

Slice one in half and scoop out the sweet flesh that too has a pear-like consistency.
Source: Quora

20. Durian

You either love or hate the putridly sweet custard-like flesh of the durian. There is no in-between.
Source: Quora

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